Celebration of Life


“The song is ended but the melody lingers on.”

Irving Berlin.

A celebration of life or memorial can be held anywhere and can take any format.  This kind of ceremony is held after the funeral or once the body had been committed to the fire or the earth.  There is no time scale of how long after someone’s passing to hold this ceremony.

These types of celebrations are often more joyous occasions than funerals in that grief, although ever present, may not be as raw since some time has passed, since the death.  You can have anything you want in this ceremony, after all it is a celebration.  The deceased favourite music, readings, poems can all be played and read out.  You can choose many rituals which allow everyone to be a participant in the event.  There really are no boundaries,(as long as it’s lawful and sincere) you can make this a celebration to remember for ever.


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