Bespoke Ceremonies

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.”

Hans Christian Andersen

Divorce Healing.
A ceremony that can help to heal wounds and move forward with forgiveness and understanding.

Using Native American rituals this beautiful will give confidence, love and guidance to the mother to be,

At the onset of womanhood, a ceremony that can help a young woman say goodbye to the girl and hello to the joys of being a woman.   Surrounded by family and friends this is a very special ceremony.

Sagesse or Wise Crone Ceremony
A celebration focused on the transition from one stage of her life to another, to embrace the elder wise woman.   Say goodbye to the youthful reproductive years and welcome the powerful beauty of age and wisdom.

Other Ceremonies
New House Blessing
New Job Blessing
Celebration of Name Change
Celebration of Gender Transition.

I can help you create a ceremony for almost anything that you believe in and hold dear.  I’m broad-minded and non-judgmental and take your wishes very seriously.

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